Popular Techniques for Male Masturbation for an Explosive Orgasm

by Phoenix Delray

This article tells more tips for male masturbation.

Male masturbation is loads more than a guy stroking his shaft until his climax slams into him. There are actually a lot of erotic fun methods to enhance a guys masturbation experience. Some of the most popular ones are for those who are circumcised, and some work best for those who are not. For many men there comes a point when just stroking his cock becomes mundane and boring, so here are some tips to rev up your self created excitement.

First of all, great male masturbation depends on stroking and teasing more than just the shaft of the penis. For those who are uncircumcised or circumcised, the foreskin can actually contribute quite a bit of sensation in masturbation, although it is largely ignored by guys when they masturbate. For those who are uncircumcised, a guy can sit down and think of whatever he needs to to get an erection.

Pull back the foreskin completely until the glans is exposed. Do not touch this part of your penis, and make sure that the foreskin stays pulled back at all times. Many guys take a bit of time to master this technique, but once they do it is worth it. You can rub your nipples or watch porn until you are close to climaxing. When you are close, slow down and when you do orgasm, youll be able to ride the wave for at least a good ten seconds, which guys say is overpowering. Although male masturbation without touching the glans is difficult, the orgasm at the end is a real whopper.

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Another good tip to improve male masturbation is to never underestimate the power of a good sex lube. Make sure you apply a good amount of the stuff on your penis when it is erect; many men prefer to use an oil based lube or a silicone one because of the smooth, silky feel. Water based lubricants can dry out fairly quickly, and youll have to stop to reapply it more often than the other kinds. Another good technique is to lube up your upper thighs with a little lube as well as your penis.

For this masturbation technique, get into a sitting position with your knees bent up to your chest. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor. For this male masturbation technique, support yourself against a wall or other flat surface. If you arent too crazy about cleaning up afterwards, put a towel underneath you. For this male masturbation technique, put your erect penis in between your lubed up thighs and start thrusting with your hips or rocking back and forth.

Your penis will slide through your thighs and feel like it does when it is inside a vagina. Experimenting with different techniques for male masturbation can give you experiences by yourself that you never thought were possible.

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